Part 5: Manage Tracks

To review, delete, edit track metadata or upload tracks you have collected before, press ManageTracks button at the main screen:

The list of all tracks stored on your iPhone slides in:

The main element helping you to identify yor tracks is the track description (for how to provide it see Metadata & Uploading). It is presented using a bigger black font. When finishing the track logging the application creates for you a default name in format: "Track <creation date> <creation time>".

The list of track tags is presented as well using a smaller grey font below the track description. In contrast to description, this field is left empty if no tags were supplied.

To additionally distinguish tracks the time of the track's last change (either the time when the last point in the track was obtained or the time when the track was uploaded) and the number of logged points in the track are presented as well. Private tracks are marked with a grey lock icon, unsent tracks are marked with a red "to OSM" icon.

To select a track just tap on it, a track view will slide in:

The track view in the upper part of the view is pan-able and zoom-able with swipe and pinch gestures, to return to the original scale and center use the double tap gesture.

By pressing the Done button on the navigation bar you will return to the tracks management view. The functions of the Send button on the navigation bar and the detail disclosure button on the track information are described in the section Metadata & Uploading.

To enter the tracks editing mode enabling to delete one or more tracks that are not needed any more press the Edit button:

The track management view will switch into the editing mode:

As usual, tapping on the red minus sign will bring up the delete button. Pressing it will remove the track from the database. Track deletion is asynchronous, you may initiate the deletion of multiple tracks without the need to wait before previous delete operations are finished.

When closing the track management view if the database has been changed (some tracks were deleted), the database file is optimized to re-gain the space the deleted track have used. It may take some time depending on the size of the database.