Part 4: Metadata & Uploading

To edit the track metadata when in a track view (which is entered either when a new track logging is finished or as a result of selecting a track in track management view) press the detail disclosure button on the track information panel:

A new view slides in enabling you to enter the track metadata:

As usual, tap on a text field to edit, press Done to hide the keyboard:

When you have finished with the metadata you can press Done to return to the track view.

In the track view you can initiate uploading the the track to the OpenStreetMap server or sending it per email by pressing Send:

An action sheet will appear:

In case you select the Upload button, a new modal sheet will slide in:

If you wish you can cancel the upload any time. Simply press the Cancel button. If you don't cancel the upload and it succeeds, this modal sheet slides out returning you to the track view.

Sending tracks per email is similar, you will be presented with the iPhone standard UI to compose emails, the track is added to the email as an attachment. The email composing UI will slide out after you initiate the email sending or cancel.