Part 2: Settings

In contrast to the OSMTrack versions prior to 2.0, the settings are now managed directly in the application. Select the Settings button at the app main screen to enter the settings:

The settings screen will appear:

At the OSM Account Information section you can enter your OpenStreetMap login and password. If you have entered them in prior application versions, they will be automatically re-used.

The GPS Accuracy Filter section allows to set the minimal accepted accuracy of GPS messages. GPS messages that are less accurate than specified will not be added to the track (though you will still see them on the display and thus have a visual feedback to know that the track is not changing). There are 4 presets defined for the accuracy filter: disabled, approximate, normal and precise. In general you should stick to the normal setting. Approximate setting gives you at least some more or less usable data in situations where the GPS quality is bad. And the precise setting may be used in situations where the best possible precision is required.