The OSMTrack is a tracking application designed specifically for the OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap is an open source editable map of the whole world. To learn more about the OpenStreetMap visit its Help & Wiki page.

The OSMTrack application is designed for people who would like to contribute to OpenStreetMap development. It is not a personal tracking application.

The OSMTrack collects GPS coordinates as you move and allows you to upload the resulting GPS trace directly to the OpenStreetMap server (OpenStreetMap account required). GPS traces can be later used when editing the OSM map using regular OpenStreetMap tools. For more information on editing OSM maps see Editing on the OpenStreetMap Wiki.


  • Zoom- and pan-capable graphical track view
  • Direct upload to the OpenStreetMap account as well as sending tracks per email
  • Display offline map rendered locally on the device from the OSM vector data
  • Diplay points from all tracks in the vicinity
  • Multiple tracks
  • Screen lock for in-pocket use
  • Preliminary support for waypoints
  • Support for both landscape and portrait modes throughout the application

CAUTION: The application is only for devices with integrated GPS chip (though there are reports that the app is working on an iPod Touch with TomTom car kit, this setup is not officially supported), it heavily relies on the GPS for its functionality.